The Short Story of MG Services

You may have come across Jim Pesta at various automobile events. Years ago it could have been at an Emerald Necklace Event (Cleveland, Ohio) or in the mid-seventies at regional and national SCCA road racing events, (G- Production Midget), or as he started to settle in on his priorities, at various MG events.

During the late seventies early eighties, you may have seen him at any manner of seriously competitive driving events. It could have been at a TSD Rallies, 1,000 mile Marathon drives, or any number of other driving events, usually in his 1958 ZB Magnette (the perfect rally MG).

As time went by, in the mid to mid to late eighties it may have been at a New England MGT Register national event, GOf South, GOF West, or a GOF Central event. By this time he was driving his MGTF 1500 to all events.

By the mid nineties the TF had been driven quite a few miles. He stopped counting the miles when it reached 250,00 miles.

During the early 2000s there was a lot less time spent playing with his MGs.  But after he “retired’ he commuted from Cincinnati to Mansfield, Ohio to work at Safety Fast Restorations (a world class restoration shop which has had many national award winning cars from the Amelia Island and other big time Concourse shows all over the country.

If any of you have ever a long commute to work, you know how good it feels when you no longer have to drive a long distance to work so he was looking for a reasonable solution to overcome this commute.

After a few conversations with friends, I seemed only logical that I needed to fill the void in Cincinnati which had a lack of competent mechanics who knew how to bring old MGs back to life.

MG Services is born!