Services Provided by MG Services

MG Services prides itself in offering exclusive service for T-Series MGs. That includes cars from late 1940s through the mid 1955s; MGTCs, MGTDs, MG Y-types, MGTFs, and any other variant that is based either on the T-Series platform or with the XPAG drive train.

This service can be provided in many different formats:

MG Services provides verbal technical assistance over the phone, written assistance by internet, or a combination of any other means.

If the client cannot bring his/her car to the shop, MG Services can pick up the car and bring it in. On certain instances, it may better sense for the client, MG Services is willing to make house calls for a sick car.

The range of services can run from a written assessment of any individual system or it could be a complete rebuild of the major components, engine, gearbox, suspension, rear end etc.

MG Services has been doing rear end gear ratio conversions on T-Series cars for quite a long time. The first car ever done was my own MGTF. You see the first real trip that the car went on with me as the owner, was about 500 miles round trip. Most of the trip the car exceeding the revs that I would have been comfortable driving, but I was traveling with other cars and I did not want to be the wimp that held up the group.  I thought that the engine would expire from the over revving before I got home. I new right then I had to do something. After a little research, I discovered that converting the rear end ratio was one way to reduce the revs while driving at highway speed and this was being done by quite a few other T – owners. And at the same time Moss was selling a book written by Carl Cederstrand describing how the conversion is done. That was in 1984 and that was the first rear end conversion that I did.

Since that time I have done over a hundred of these conversions along with many conversions for racers using the old ring and pinion from he T-Cars to be installed in MGA rear ends to get the revs up.

I have  been asked to give a tech seminar at many national MG meets explaining how and why this can be accomplished.